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About Us

At hengda(HD) steel balls manufacturing research, develop and continually test our steel balls to be confident we not only deliver the high quality steel balls, but the most effevtive service as well.

Engaged in steel balls area since1997, HD steel balls manufacturing  focus on carbon steel balls, stainless steel balls, high chrome steel balls,bearing steel balls .The diameter from 1.0mm to 25.4mm. Their grade of accuracy is G10-G1000. High precision steel balls are mainly used for  ball bearing, while semi-precision steel balls  (grade100 to 1000)  are applied to bicycle/motor cycle parts caster wheels,hardware, draw side, toys, game ball ,wheels, instruments, rail,pumps,polishing, Cosmetics ,the solid smash and so forth. 

All the steel balls produced comply with GB/T 3082002 standard,which equivalent to the international standards ISO3290-1998, AFMBA1989 and DIN5401-93.

HD  inspect and detect the roundness (Sphericity), Surface Integrity and diameter of steel balls with advanced equipment and  consumptive instrumentation.